WorkSafe fatigue management training

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WorkSafe fatigue management training
for commercial drivers

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to apply fatigue management strategies, including identifying and acting on signs of fatigue, and implementing appropriate strategies to minimise fatigue during work activities, to meet legislative and regulatory requirements.

Relevant work concerning fatigue management occurs in particular when operating equipment, trains, vehicles and load shifting equipment.

There are three online lessons and three quizzes. You must pass all three quizzes to obtain a certificate of completion. The date on the certificate of completion can be updated at any time by redoing and passing all the tests.

Course structure – fatigue management for drivers

Part 1

Identify and act on signs of fatigue

This lesson describes potential causes of fatigue and ways to minimise their effects in accordance with company procedures. It describes personal warning sings of fatigue and necessary steps to ensure that effective work capability and alertness are maintained in accordance with workplace procedures.

Part 2

Implement strategies to minimise fatigue

This lesson discusses what a commercial driver can do to combat and reduce the signs and effects of fatigue, both within their personal lives and within the workplace to manage their fatigue.

Part 3

Required skills and knowledge

This part contains an assessment to determine whether commercial vehicle drivers’ required skills and knowledge in fatigue management are met according to relevant legislation and workplace procedures.

Recommended reading

Code of practice: Fatigue management for commercial vehicle drivers (2019)

The Western Australia’s code of practice for the fatigue management of commercial drivers provides practical guidance to industry on occupational safety and health regulations for driving commercial vehicles. The regulations establish an operating standard for hours of work and rest and other requirements for the management of commercial vehicle operators’ fatigue.

The study guide – Staying alert at the wheel

This document contains all of the material that appears in the fatigue management online lessons for drivers.

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WorkSafe does not dictate the validity of the certificate of completion. Therefore the certificate does not have an end date on it. Please contact your employer or your employer’s auditors to confirm their requirements.

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