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WorkSafe fatigue management training for administrators or managers


This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies in an organisation.

Administrators and managers will learn how to monitor the implementation of fatigue management strategies, and recognising breaches of fatigue management policies, procedures, and regulations. The unit also involves developing and assessing staff competence in fatigue management, providing feedback to staff on any shortcomings in their fatigue management skills and knowledge, and reporting to management on the implementation of fatigue management policy.

There are four online lessons and five quizzes. You must pass all five quizzes to obtain a certificate of completion. The date on the certificate of completion can be updated at any time by redoing and passing all the tests.

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Course structure: Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies

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Part 1

Developing a driver fatigue management plan

This lesson describes the background to the development of a driver fatigue management plan (DFMP) and aims to provide information for operators who wish to develop a DFMP or who may wish to revise or update their existing system.

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Part 2

Implementing a driver fatigue management plan

This lesson discusses several ways in which the driver fatigue management plan (DFMP) can be introduced into the workplace, and how best to monitor and review its effectiveness.

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Part 3

Understanding fatigue management policy

This lesson discusses a systematic risk management process and detail a variety of control measures that could be successfully applied to reduce the risk and effects of fatigue as parts of fatigue management policy in a broad spectrum of workplaces.

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Part 4

Required skills and knowledge

This part contains an assessment to determine whether the administrators’ required skills and knowledge in applying the principles of fatigue management when administering the implementation of organisation fatigue management strategies during work operations are met.

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Recommended reading

  • The Western Australia’s code of practice for the fatigue management of commercial drivers provides practical guidance to industry on requirements in occupational safety and health regulations for driving commercial vehicles. The regulations establish an operating standard for hours of work and rest and other requirements for the management of fatigue for commercial vehicle operators.

    View code of practice
    Code of practice
  • This code provides guidance for employers and workers on the management of safety and health hazards and risks commonly associated with working hours arrangements.

    View code of practice
    Code of practice working hours
  • This document is the key resource for this unit and therefore you will need to understand the guide to be able to complete the course.

    View study guide
    Developing a driver fatigue management plan