WorkSafe fatigue management
for commercial drivers


The old (legacy) certificates are currently unavailable. We are working on rectifying that as soon as possible.

If you require a Fatigue Management certificate urgently, we recommend that you complete the new training and receive the new certificate.

Workplaces may freely utilise this website for training and assessing purposes.

Welcome to the fatigue management training for commercial drivers. The purpose of this training is to ensure that you follow the regulations for driving commercial vehicles. This website is a free-to-use educational resource designed to help commercial vehicle drivers and managers/supervisors understand the impact of fatigue and the strategies to prevent fatigue from driving commercial vehicles. Both drivers and management have a role to play in making sure any risks associated with fatigue are minimised.


Commercial vehicle driver – definition

A driver is a person who drives a commercial vehicle and whose work time fits into one of the following categories:

  • whose work time is more than 60 hours per week; or
  • for more than once per week, work time is more than 10 hours out of any 24 hour period; or
  • more than once per week, work time includes the period from midnight to 5.00 am.

Commercial vehicle – definition

  • a passenger transport vehicle
  • a school bus
  • an item of mobile pant with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more than 4.5 tonnes
  • any motor vehicle with a GVM over 4.5 tonnes that is designed to carry, or is carrying, a large integrated item of equipment
  • any other motor vehicle with a GVM over 4.5 tonnes used or intended to be used for the carriage of goods for hire or reward.

If you drive a commercial vehicle within or coming into Western Australia for work, and drive according to work time identified above, this online training is for you.

An online Certificate of Completion, that can be downloaded or printed out and given to an employer, is available from WorkSafe following successful completion of the relevant quizzes. To start, simply register with the website using a current unique email address. Registration is free.

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Fatigue management structure

WorkSafe fatigue management online courses

Truck driver

For drivers

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to apply fatigue management strategies in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Multi-ethnic logistic employees

For administrators

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies in an organisation.

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