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WorkSafe fatigue management for commercial drivers

Workplaces and individuals may freely utilise this website for training and assessing purposes. 

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Welcome to the fatigue management training for commercial drivers

The purpose of this training is to ensure that you follow the regulations for driving commercial vehicles.

This website is a free-to-use resource designed to help commercial vehicle drivers and managers/supervisors understand the impact of fatigue and the strategies to prevent fatigue from driving commercial vehicles.

Roadtrain travelling on Australian outback road

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is a general term used to describe the feeling of being tired, drained, or exhausted. Fatigue is accompanied by poor judgement, slower reactions to events, and decreased skills, such as in vehicle control.

Importantly, fatigue impairs a driver’s judgment of his or her own stage of fatigue. This mean that the effective management of fatigue should not be the responsible of the driver alone. Both drivers and management have a role to play in making sure any risks associated with fatigue are minimised.

Truck driver feeling tired during the ride.
Long open road in Kimberly, Western Australia.


If you drive a commercial vehicle specified in the commercial vehicle definition within or coming into Western Australia for work purposes, and your work time falls under one of the specified categories in the commercial driver definition, then this online training is for you.

  • A commercial driver is:

    A person who drives a commercial vehicle and whose working hours fit into one of the following categories:

    • work time is more than 60 hours per week; or
    • for more than once per week, work time is more than 10 hours out of any 24 hour period; or
    • more than once per week, work time includes the period from midnight to 5am.
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  • A commercial vehicle is:

    • a passenger transport vehicle
    • a school bus designed to transport more than 8 adults and primarily used to pick up and transport school children
    • an item of mobile plant with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of more than 4.5 tonnes
    • a motor vehicle with a GVM of  more than 4.5 tonnes designed to carry, or carrying, a large item of integrated equipment
    • any other motor vehicle with a GVM over 4.5 tonnes used or intended to be used  to carry goods of all types for hire or reward.
    Roadtrain travelling on dusty Australian outback road
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Certificate of completion

Upon successful completing the relevant quizzes, we provide an online certificate of completion, which you can download, print, and present to your employer.

To begin the training, simply register on our website using a unique email address.

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Key points to note:

  • Registration is required to access the training and receive the certificate of completion.

  • Registration and certification are completely free.

  • Each participant must use a unique email address, as our system does not permit sharing of email addresses.

  • Allocate sufficient time to complete the training and obtain the certificate, allowing for any unforeseen circumstances to avoid undue stress.

  • Ensure you have sufficient sleep if you need to drive a vehicle. Attending this training should not impair your ability to drive safely.

Fatigue awareness and prevention

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