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About driving

A number of things, including:

  • develop a fatigue management plan
  • request fatigue management training from all of your drivers
  • make sure all your drivers are certified as medically fit to drive a commercial vehicle.

Work time is all work.  It includes driving and all the activities that are associated with driving a commercial vehicle.

Examples of work time is time spent:

  • loading and unloading
  • completing any paperwork related to picking up and delivering the load
  • checking the load
  • refuelling
  • checking tyres
  • maintaining and cleaning the vehicle
  • talking to supervisors and other drivers about the work arrangements


Work time also includes breaks from driving of less than 30 minutes.

This means more than 30 minutes time off at home, away from the vehicle or, if on a trip in the vehicle, includes sleep in an appropriate sleeper berth. It does not include driving and work incidental to driving.

At least 7 consecutive hours of non-work time in any 24-hour period. A commercial vehicle driver must have 27 hours of non-work time in any 72-hour period.

No more than 17 hours elapsed time regardless of whether the driver worked for that whole period.

Example: A commercial vehicle driver has worked for 10 hours. The vehicle then breaks down for 4 hours and the driver climbs in to the bunk to rest. When the driver recommences work, they are only allowed to work for an additional 3 hours before the maximum of 17 hours has elapsed.

No. It is a rolling clock, which starts when the driver starts work.

When he or she starts working, and this included incidental work and not just when the physical driving starts.

Example: A driver will carry out a pre-start check and maybe fuel the vehicle before starting driving the vehicle. Work time starts when the commercial vehicle driver does the pre-start check, not when the driving commences.

Yes. For every 5 hours of work time, a commercial vehicle driver must have a 20-minute break from driving.

A break from driving is a break from the physical task of driving. It is a break of less than 30 minutes so the driver is still considered to be working. A break is still considered paid work, as a driver can attend to non-driving tasks. These tasks may include: the driver loading, unloading, refuelling, completing paperwork, checking the load restraints etc.

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About the course and certificate of completion

The fatigue management training for drivers and for administrators have been mapped against the units of competency TLIF2010 – Apply fatigue management strategies and TLIF3063 – Apply the implementation of fatigue management strategies. However, as WorkSafe is not a registered training organisation (RTO), completing the fatigue management training does not result in a statement of attainment for these units of competency.

RTOs may use this website to form part of their assessment process for students enrolled in TLIF2010 and/or TLIF3063 and this website is designed to be a comprehensive resource, but the onus of formal recognition of attainment is upon the RTO using this resource.

I have been told that I must have the online fatigue management certificate of completion to be able to start my job as a commercial vehicle driver or a supervisor of a commercial vehicle driver in Western Australia. What are my options?

WorkSafe online fatigue management training is a shared initiative between WorkSafe WA, Main Roads WA and the Department of Transport. This online training is a free educational resource aimed at helping users to understand the impact of fatigue and the strategies to prevent it.

Main Roads WA recommends WorkSafe online fatigue management training as their minimum requirements to become a heavy vehicle accredited operator (see: Fatigue Management Module Standards 2016, page 8).

While the WorkSafe online fatigue management training course is recommended, it is not mandatory. Alternatively, you may attend fatigue management training with an RTO. Please note that fees may apply if using an RTO.

WorkSafe does not dictate the validity of the certificate of completion. Therefore, the issue date is used instead of an expiry date on the certificate of completion. You need to contact your employer or your employer’s auditors to confirm their requirements.

This can happen if you have made errors when first creating your account. The information you provided to us is used to prefill your certificate. Unfortunately, you are unable to change your first or last name in the settings menu. Please contact us to resolve this issue.

Once you have successfully completed all of the quizzes for the relevant course, your prefilled certificate can be accessed at the bottom of the course page. Simply select it to open and print your certificate.

You need to retake all the quizzes again. Please make sure that all parts in the course have been retaken. Once you have successfully completed and retaken all the quizzes, the date on your Certificate of Completion will automatically update to show the current date.

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