Accessibility & the ATbar

The Accessibility menu is located on every Fatigue Management webpage at the top of the left-hand vertical menu (excluding the front page of the website). Simply place your mouse cursor over the location (no need to click) and the menu will "pop-up" on screen. It allows users to customise how they view and use the website, including changing the font size, background colour and colour scheme of each webpage. If registered and logged in, you can even save these preferences for your next session. Below is a guide to what each button does.

What Is The ATbar?

The ATbar adds additional functionality to the Fatigue Management website, the most important being a Text-To-Speech (TTS) function. When selected, the ATbar takes a few moments to load up and appears beneath the address bar and other browser menus at the top of the webpage. The ATbar is developed by Southampton University ECS, and also includes an online dictionary and the ability to change the font style as well as size. Instructions are given on screen as you use each ATbar option, but below is a quick guide. Please note that any changes you make using the ATbar cannot be saved and will be reset once you close the website.


Last modified: Monday, 4 November 2013, 11:53 AM